L's first physical appearance  - Death Note (Ep. 06)

081714 - UPCAT (detailed)



  • We arrived too early. 6:30am was the call time, by 4:30 we were already on the way and we arrived by 5am. I was with my classmate, Bianca T. We stood there for more than hour!
  • And I saw annbaalooot on College of Medicine’s line
  • In a room, there were 80 students. 2 proctors. 1 head (?). Bianca and I were assigned on the same room (the first room) and she was also my seatmate for five hours


  • It’s not easy, as expected. Maybe because there were no specific topics to review and they’re generalized
  • It’s not that difficult too. Thanks to Kenneth’s reviewer and to some of my junior (third year) notes
  • My seatmate became my one and only distraction! She kept on eating, I could hear her chewing her food
  • I didn’t mind the cold. It’s almost the same to our classroom’s temperature. Thank God I’m kind of used to it
  • Language proficiency: average
  • Science: oh nvm (my weak point!)
  • Math: cool (50/50)
  • Reading comprehension: great! (Selection #4’s too eewy. It’s about love. Selection #5’s my favorite, it’s a poem. Selection #7-12, I hate them all! Too boring for a hungry examinee)
  • Last part: no answer!! Well, it was written “stop and wait for the proctor…” so I stopped. When she asked us to stop, I grabbed the pencil in front of me, and waited for the signal. But then she asked us to ask the paper and everything. Bye 15 items!


  • I just realized that I left 20 items blank. And 20% of my answers were shotgun (oh!). 30% unsure. 50% based on stock knowledge and whatever knowledge.
  • Bianca told me that the last part’s optional *sighs with relief* *sighs again*
  • We finished on time. Not too early, not too late.

Shems nakita mo talaga? Huhuhu dapat tinawag mko eh hahahahahhhahahaha loner kaya ako non :(

  • Aron: *napansin ung sugat ko* Anton! Bakit mo daw kinagat ung labi ni Ann.
Panira ng umaga nyo. Hahahahahaha #gpoy

Panira ng umaga nyo. Hahahahahaha #gpoy

"We were. And then we weren’t"
A message from Anonymous
Ang gaslaw mo nga po eh. Galaw ka ng galaw hahahahahahahahahahha :D

Sakit na kasi ng pwet ko non hahahahahha kingina limang oras naka-upo

A message from Anonymous
Ikaw ung naka-blue na longsleeve sa second row dibuuh?

hala omg opo hahahahahahhaha

Failed or passed, atleast I tried. lol UPCAT hahahaha

deh kasi huhuhu naka-survived ako sa UPCAT na isang lapis lang dala ko tapos pudpod pa ung pambura hahahaha kinalkal ko lang kasi to sa bag ko hahahaha tapos ang daming pogi :”> HAHAHAHA loljk. Natatawa ko kasi  nakatulog ako dun sa Reading Comprehension tapos paggising ko 20 minutes na lang kinginuh dun ako naTime pressure. Tapos ung mga baon ko puro matatamis hahaha limang chocolates tapos dalawang pack ng marshmallow tska chicharon tapos tubig hahaha natatawa ko kasi habang nakain ako ng chicharon pinagtitinginan ako shems eh bandang unahan ako hahahahah wataw tas nakakadistract ung katabi ko. Singa ng singa puta di ko masagutan ng ayos ung math dahil don hahahahahahahahahhah tapos may choices dun na "bespren, deds na lola mo, wag ka na sad, keri?" TANGINA HAAHAHAHAH NAPA-WTF AKO NG MALAKAS DAHIL DON TAS TINIGNAN AKO NUNG PROCTOR NAMIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DI KO TALAGA KINAYA YON AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Shems. Ayon sampu lang ung wala akong sagot tapos nanghula ako sa math hahahahahha after ng test bigla akong nilagnat. After shock kuno hahahaha

  • AKO: Sana i-goodluck ako ni Anton para may motivation ako kahit papano.
  • SYA: Kung si Anton lang motivation mo Bi jusko goodluck di ka papasa sa UPCAT. Kase kagaya ni Anton, papaasahin ka lang ng test paper mo.

Hala omg wala pa kong lapis para bukas hahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha

UPCAT part 2

Kabado bente talaga ko kasi wala pa kong narereview tas wala pa kong motivation kasi di pa ko ginugoodluck ni ano hahahahahahahahahahahahaha waht lande. Kinginuh bukas na ko magtetest huhu tapos pang umaga pa. I crei

A message from annbaalooot
Goodmorning ate Tanya :))
A reply from ozzumera

Good morning Ann!!! Good luck  sa UPCAT ha? <333 

feeling ko ibibitay ako bukas hahahahahaha thankyou ate tanyaaa huhuz